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Discover the beauty and depth of Holy Week with our exclusive collection of 16 illustrated cards! Each card poignantly captures the Stations of the Cross, guiding you through the exciting story of Jesus' Passion, Death and Resurrection. Immerse yourself in a unique visual and spiritual experience with these cards that are not only a work of art, but also a powerful way to remember and reflect on the deeper meaning of Holy Week. Bring every season to life with this unique collection that honors the very essence of the Christian faith!

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Taco - Mariano
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Treatise on true devotion to the Blessed Virgin
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The glories of Mary
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With you, Maria
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Mariano ring notebook (squared)
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ByLibrería PaulinasLibrería PaulinasLibrería PaulinasLibrería PaulinasLibrería Paulinas
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Trae 70 tarjetas alusivas a María. Cada ficha nos invita a orar y poner nuestra confianza en ella.

Summit work of Saint Louis Maria Grignion de Monfort. It is a path of consecration to Jesus Christ through the tender gaze of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This work constitutes a classic of Marian spirituality that reminds us of the importance of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and how powerful her intercession before Jesus is.

Prayers to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the different circumstances of our lives, at the rhythm of the liturgy and the needs of our people.

Cuaderno de 100 hojas con diferentes mensajes.

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