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Paulinas presents its renewed brand worldwide

Paulinas presenta a nivel mundial su marca renovada

Paulinas Colombia |

On February 5, the Daughters of Saint Paul, whom we know as Paulines worldwide, celebrate two important events, which undoubtedly demonstrate once again the evangelizing meaning of their career: the 60th anniversary of the death of Sister Tecla Merlo, co-founder of the Congregation of the Pauline Sisters and the launch of the updated Pauline Brand, which aims to revitalize from its foundations the commitment of the publishing house and thus continue to nourish in all hearts the sense of its identity and mission.

For the Community of the Pauline Sisters, whose task is to continue illuminating the evangelizing action inherited from its founder Blessed Santiago Alberione and the co-founder Venerable Tecla Merlo, it is as much as continuing to weave the strengthening of a vocation, where through the media and all its expressions continue to seek to reach more and more people and, may this updated brand that is born on the horizon of the changes of modernity and ideas and the spiritual path, continue to underline the missionary sense of this community that is always open to the signs of the times.

The updating of its editorial brand, undertaken by the Nova Opera Agency, aims to continue fulfilling the mission of Editorial Paulina: Evangelize through the means and forms of Social Communication, speaking to the men and women of today through a contemporary, inclusive, simple, immediate and essential language.

The stylized ellipse represents the world to which the Daughters of Saint Paul are called to announce the Gospel, as they did in 1994, but now with an open and inclusive essential line. The color blue, like the movement of the ellipse, evokes the digital realm and electromagnetic waves, expressing the desire of the Congregation to be apostles of the 21st century.

The letter P, of the same identifying red color as the 1994 brand, symbolizes Pablo's pastoral impulse, a model for his life in Christ and inspiration for his mission. In some languages, it also represents the P of the Word of God that must “run quickly” and spread throughout the world.

Finally, the Pauline inscription, placed below the P, is intended to represent the foundation, the solidity, as if it were the roots of a majestic tree. On this secure basis, the Q that represents Paul and the Word of G od can rise and reach the entire world. Paulinas presents its renewed brand worldwide. To communicate the gospel evolves for you in the digital age. It invites you to discover the new image on social networks, in its bookstores and platforms. Come be part of this journey!


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